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We are a digital development group specializing in custom web design and content creation. With Real Integrated Digital you gain access to a highly talented group of designers, strategists and developers with a track record of creating award-winning work.

Real Integrated Digital provides a complete suite of services including: Website/Interactive Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Custom Graphic/Logo Design, Video Production, Digital Media, Mobile Design and Strategic Planning.

Our Digital Project Process

Real Integrated Process


Traditional Background

Real Integrated is totally independent and has been for over 50 years. As an integrated agency, we understand that it takes a wide range of talents to deliver brilliant and compelling creative, designed to enhance a brand’s value and increase interest.

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With a Digital Approach

Our obsession with finding the right platform and the right message for every project lead us to one conclusion – we needed a dedicated team to spearhead our clients’ web and digital initiatives. We’ve established a group of seasoned web designers, developers, content specialists and project managers to bring success to any digital project.

  • Content Strategy and Copywriting

    Are you planning to launch a website, campaign, product rollout, re-branding tradeshow display, or marketing event? Here at Real Integrated Digital, our content strategy team has a strong foundation in short-term and long-term planning with a sound business and marketing methodology. Real Integrated has been helping our clients establish and refine brand marketing strategies for over two decades. We don't just conceive and develop marketing strategies for existing brands, either. We have worked with a number of start-ups and on numerous new product launches as well.

    The Real Integrated Digital team can help with:

    • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
    • New Product Launches
    • Events, Seminars, Conferences and Trade Shows
    • New Office Launches
    • Brand Identity and Collateral Creation
  • Responsive UI/UX Design

    Be where your audience is. As users, we've cut the tether that tied us to the desk. As developers, we can help you liberate your content. You can deliver tools to agents in the field or reach consumers on the go. We can help you create compelling, mobile-friendly applications and websites that take advantage of one of the most profound trends in the digital space.

    With tablets and smartphones on the rise, nearly half of all Internet users access online content from their mobile devices. If your website is not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, then you may be losing customers. We design web sites that can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile devices. All of our designs come with keeping the user in mind. Our interactive designs help bring out the best experience for users.

    The Real Integrated team can help with:

    • Conception and Strategy
    • Branding and Design
    • Fully responsive Website for all devices
    • Mobile UI/UX
    • Interactive presentations
    • Digital content and signage
    • Interactive interface design
    • Interactive contests
  • Website Development

    Our website development team works closely with our designers to create stunning responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic. We make sure that our responsive websites are beautiful across all devices and ensure that your business is prepared for the web of tomorrow.

    We'll take the time to understand your goals as well as those of your audiences, and we'll work with you to make your website more usable and more compelling. We combine usability, design, interactive development and video solutions to create interactive multimedia experiences.

    What can our development team help you do?

    • Website Planning
    • Hosting and Domain Procurement
    • Fully Responsive Website Design (always with Mobile and Tablet in mind)
    • Digital Asset Creation (graphics, photos, videos, copy – just ask!)
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Application Development and Integration (custom forms, eCommerce, newsletter signup)
    • Promotions and User Engagement
    • Mobile Application Development
  • Social Media

    Our social media experts will work with you to develop a strategy based on real business objectives. We can help you represent your brand effectively on several social media channels and make all of the parts of your online presence work together to deliver a consistent message. More importantly, we understand how to use conversations to drive increased sales. We work intimately with your brand to understand your customers and what drives them to engage with you, ultimately working to create compelling content that keeps them coming back for more. More engagement means more likes, more shares, more fans – each campaign builds your presence, expanding your audience and ultimately driving consumers into your store or website.

    The Real Integrated social media team can help with:

    • Creating and managing Facebook business pages.
    • Twitter/LinkedIn account management.
    • Managing and monitoring customer social activity.
    • Database building campaigns.
    • Creating organic conversations with your customers that drive engagement.
  • Video Production / Motion Graphics

    Make a personal connection. Tell your story. Our video production team can work with you to create a powerful visual experience with video, animation, photography, and audio. We can take on any part of the production lifecycle, including location scouting, script development, directing, talent scouting, post-production, and more. Let our creative directors bring your brand to life! The Real Integrated team is fully equipped to handle video production projects from concept to broadcast. Our creative team can help draft concepts based on your goals, or work to build out video assets to match an existing campaign.

    The Real Integrated video production team can help with:

    • Screenwriting, On-location Shoots/Studio, Editing, Voiceover Narration, Animation and Music.
    • We can help develop concepts or provide the technical expertise to bring your idea to life.
    • High-definition camera equipment and state-of-the-art video editing technology.
    • Increase marketing engagement with interactive videos, banners, and motion graphics.
  • Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

    Having a beautiful website is great, but it's useless if nobody knows you exist. That's why our search engine marketing services have been designed from our years of experience to make sure that you get noticed. We offer both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click campaign management (PPC) services to help get your website out to as many viewers as possible.

    Managing a Google campaign requires a team that is constantly on the pulse of Google's changing search algorithm. Luckily, Real Integrated Digital can help your brand master the tactics needed to move toward first page rankings. From on-page optimization tactics, to broader strategies for developing "search friendly" content and boosting in-bound links, our SEM/SEO team knows all the tricks to help your brand get found before the competition.

    The Real Integrated SEM/SEO team can help with:

    • Auditing existing website
    • Develop new/optimize existing inbound links
    • Keyword assessment and SEO strategy
    • SEO optimized content creating and optimization of existing content
    • Creating and managing optimized PPC campaigns
  • Digital Media Planning & Placement

    Digital marketing is a process of strategically integrating your online activities to increase awareness of your brand, and create true impact for your business. Our digital marketing engagements help clients attract the audiences they want, engage them on an ongoing basis, and ultimately convert more of them to brand enthusiasts, client prospects and loyal customers.

    Our process crosses over the traditional boundaries of content marketing, social media, digital PR, and paid advertising, putting your knowledge and content offerings to work throughout all relevant online media channels. This integrated approach supports a more cohesive, consistent and recognizable brand, and helps increase visibility and traffic to your various web properties. When your communications are timely, original, and relevant, you'll win recognition and trust from new customers.

    The Real Integrated digital media team can help with:

    • Digital Brand, Digital Marketing and Social Media Audit
    • Strategic Messaging
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Blog Development and Management
    • Social Community Design and Development
    • Ongoing Social Community Management
    • Digital Engagement/PR
    • Email Marketing
    • Remarketing tactics
    • ROI/KPI Analytics

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